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A. Hard water can cause many issues in your home, from spots on dishes and a film on shower doors to plumbing problems and inefficient operation of water-using appliances. Installing a water softener can help.
A. When considering copper and PVC pipe, you should consider several factors (corrosion resistance, sustainability, service life, etc.) when making a decision. Because of these issues and cost PVC is growing in popularity but copper has been used for years, due to its reputation for long-term durability. PVC pipe can be problematic on repair jobs with wait times of 24 hours. However, PVC pipe is frequently preferred over copper pipe when making repairs to older plumbing using iron pipe.
A. Flush the toilet. Check the FILL VALVE at the top for a leak. Lift up on the float or float arm when the tank is filling to see if the water stops. Bend or adjust the FLOAT or FLOAT ARM so the tank stops filling when the water level is 1/2- to 1-in. below the top of the overflow pipe. If the FILL VALVE is fine then check the FLAPPER on inside bottom of tank. A major cause of a running toilet is a FLAPPER that does not seal. A replacement FLAPPER can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

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A. If the disposal is clogged, TURN OFF off the power and insert a long dowel, a wooden spoon, or a broom handle into the drain opening - NEVER PLACE YOUR HAND IN A GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Push the bottom end of the wooden probe against the impeller blades and rock it back and forth to free it.
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