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Info on ePIPE®

ePIPe provides a permanent solution for plumbing system failures such as pinhole and slab leaks, corrosion, low water flow, and lead/copper contaminants. ePIPE is an affordable, effective, and permanent alternative to an ordinary re-pipe. The patented ePIPE process is non-disruptive and restores your pipes in-place. How it works (Click on bottom right corner to make full screen. Hit ESC Key when finished)

A number of factors can work alone or in combination to affect the rate of corrosion in any piping system. Depending on the number and degree of these factors, even a new piping system can show signs of corrosive wear in a few as two years after installation. Even the highest quality water source can cause some of these problems in your piping system.

Lead/Copper Contaminants

Corrosion causes lead and copper contaminants to leach into your drinking water.

Pinhole Leaks / Failing Copper

These miniscule leaks in your pipes can cause major damage such as mold and water damage to your floor, ceiling or walls.

Discolored Water

Many people attribute brown water to the water source, when in fact the water entering their home is clean. Rust in their pipes is contaminating their water.

Low Water Flow / Encrusted Galvanized

Poor or lower flow than normal is also a telltale sign that there may be a problem in your piping system

The ePIPE® Solution

1. Air Drying of Pipes

Air hoses are connected to the piping system. The isolated system is then dried with preheated, filtered air.

2. Corundum Cleaning

The dried pipes are cleaned using an air and sand mixture that sandblasts the inside surface of the pipes. The cleaning process prepares the internal pipe surface for proper bonding of the epoxy.

3. Epoxy Coating Applied

The final stage of the ePIPE process is the application of the epoxy lining to the system. Once the coating is cured the pipes are reassembled, flushed and pressure tested. The finished product provides a “new pipe within a pipe” protecting your water supply from leaching lead and leaks.



Stops Pinhole Leaks

The epoxy lined pipe, ePIPE® will last for years, preventing leaks in your piping system.

No Wall Damage

The patented ePIPE® process restores your pipes without the mess and expense of a repipe.

Cost Effective

Because there is no need to destroy walls, ceilings, or floors, you save a significant amount of money in reconstruction costs.

Better Than New

The ePIPE® process is quiet and unlike a repiping construction job, ePIPE® restoration takes place within the pipe.

Improved water flow

Significant buildup of corrosion or pinhole leaks can cause low water flow. The ePIPE® process gives you the flow your system was intended to deliver.

Clean Water

No more brown water or discoloration. No more lead or copper contamination. ePIPE® provides a safe, clean, epoxy-lined piping system.
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